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Sunvin Finances:  
The agriculture sector in India requires massive investment. Such investment has to be through credit-enabled private and enhanced public institutions. In order to provide financing to its wide spread client base, Sunvin has launched a new venture called Sunvin Finance, which is acting as Rural Marketing Associate for one of the largest private sector bank in the country.

Currently, we are marketing structured financial products like Retail Warehouse Receipt Based Financing (RWRBF) and Term Loans to satisfy the requirements of potential customers like the Solvent Extraction Units, Oil Refineries, Traders as well as Farmers.

Sunvin Futures:  
Commodities Futures Trading is a global phenomenon and offers tremendous potential to market participants for both profit making on small price corrections as well as to hedgers looking at managing price risk on account of price fluctuations. In developed markets, Futures trading is normally more than 10 times the physical market size of respective commodities.

Futures’ trading in commodities results in the discovery of a transparent and fair price as it involves large-scale participations of entities associated with different value chains. It reflects views and expectations of a wider section of people related to a particular commodity. It also provides an effective platform for price risk management for all segments of players ranging from producers, traders and processors to exporters/importers and end-users of a commodity.

Now Multi Commodity Futures trading is available in India on electronic platforms through MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and NCDEX (National Commodities And Derivatives Exchange). Sunvin Group is offering it through its new venture; Sunvin Futures.