Market Rate

Oils & Oilseeds are two of the most sensitive and essential commodities. India is one of the largest producers as well the consumer of Oilseeds & Edible oils in the world and this sector occupies an important position in the agricultural economy. Covering an area of 32-33 million hectares and accounting for the production of 37-38 mn tonnes of oilseeds annually against a world production of about 504.43 million tons; India contributes about 7.4% of the world oilseeds production,and is the 4th largest edible oil economy in the world.

The share of India in the world oilmeals export market is about 5.45%. India is one the largest importer of Edible oils. In 2012-13 Indian imports of Edible oil were seen at 10.3 million tons. Of which 5.8 million were CPO.

India is fortunate to have a wide range of oilseeds crops grown in its different agro climate zones. Soybeans, Groundnut, Mustard/Rapeseed, Sesame, Safflower, Linseed, Nigerseed/Castor, and Cottonseeds are the major traditionally cultivated oilseeds. Soybeans and Rape Mustard seed acquires the lion’s share of the overall Oilseeds production in India. They together constitute more than 17 million tons of Oilseeds produced by India every year.

The total Oilseeds production in the world for the year 2013-14 is estimated at 504.43 million tonnes, out of these, Soya bean (284.5), Cotton Seed (44.43), Peanuts (40.15), Sunflower Seed (43.78), Palm Kernel (15.44) and Copra (5.68).

The estimated world vegetable oil production for the year 2013-14 is 169.53 million M.T. Out of this, Palm Oil (58.52), Soybean oil (44.60), Rapeseed oil (26.00), Sunflower oil (15.94), Cotton seed oil (5.11), Peanut oil (5.69), Palm kernel oil (6.83), Coconut oil is (3.55) and Olive oil (3.28).

The world protein meals production for the year 2013-14 is estimated at 280.18 million tons, out of this, Soy bean is (188.39), Rape (38.53), Cotton (15.58), Sunflower (16.68), Peanut (6.96), Palm kernel (8.16), Fish (4.20) and Copra (1.88).