Market Rate
CBOT Bean (C/B) Mar:976.60-6.60 | CBOT Bean (C/B) May:983.00-6.40 | CBOT Bean (C/B) Jul:988.60-5.60 | CBOT Bean (C/B) Aug:988.60-5.20 | CBOT Oil (C/P) Mar:31.97-0.44 | CBOT Oil (C/P) May:32.16-0.42 | CBOT Oil (C/P) Jul:32.35-0.41 | CBOT Oil (C/P) Aug:32.32-0.41 | CBOT Meal ($/ST) Mar:330.10-0.40 | CBOT Meal ($/ST) May:322.60-0.10 | CBOT Meal ($/ST) Jul:321.20-0.10 | CBOT Meal ($/ST) Aug:320.60-0.10 | CBOT Bean (Electronic) Mar:978.20+1.40 | CBOT Bean (Electronic)May:984.60+1.60 | CBOT Oil (Electronic) Mar:31.89-0.08 | CBOT Oil (Electronic) May:32.06-0.10 | CBOT Meal (Electronic)Mar:330.90+0.80 | CBOT Meal (Electronic)May:323.00+0.40 | COMMEX Feb:2252-20 | COMMEX Mar:2237-18 | COMMEX Apr:2229-17 | COMMEX May:2212-19 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Soya Jan:850 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Soya Feb:831 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Soya May:738 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Soya Jun/Jul:742 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Sun Jan:870 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Sun Feb:865 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Sun May:845 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Sun Jun/ Jul:845 | PHYSICAL / $ CPO(CNF) Jan:652.50 | PHYSICAL / $ CPO(CNF) Feb:652.50 | PHYSICAL / $ CPO(CNF) M/A/M:675.00 | PHYSICAL / $ Palmolein(FOB) Jan:647.50 | PHYSICAL / $ Palmolein(FOB) Feb:647.50 | PHYSICAL / $ Palmolein(FOB) M/A/M:635.00 | CHINA (DALIAN) Palm - May:4862-26 | CHINA (DALIAN) Soya - May:5556-60 | SOYAMEAL ($/PMT) FAS, PMT - Kandla:280 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Canola Jan:855 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Canola Feb:850 | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Canola May:- | PHYSICAL (US $-CIF-PMT-West Coast-India) Canola Jun/Jul:- | 

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as brokers & Consultants with strong research backup in oils and oilseeds trade and industry. We all know that amongst various agro commodities in India, there is one commodity complex which is truly globalized. That is oils and oilseeds complex. The Domestic output is $ 15 billion whereas imports are of $ 10 billion and exports of $ 2 billion. This makes it a truly exciting a workplace to be in.

This is where we come in the picture. We are consulting and broking for all your management decisions i.e for trading, sourcing, selling, new projects, technical solutions, job work, lease, investment, export/import, building up logistic, infrastructure and expansion.

Oils & Oil Seeds
Sunflower Palmfruit Soyabean Oildrop
Mr.Sandeep Bajoria, CEO, Sunvin Group is one of the most distinguished personalities of the oil & oil seed industry.He has a studied Bcom,LL.B & DIEM. He was the Past President of The Solvent Extractors Assocaition of India (SEA)